Workshops and events

I design, organize and lead yoga workshops, corporate wellness events, meditation and mindfulness retreats and eco-oriented highlights. The growing consciousness of the connection between us and nature leads both individuals and companies to search for ways how to take care of ourselves and our planet. Thus the offer includes complex solutions that can bring back balance between humans and nature. 

Yoga workshops: Natural Detox

Three to seven days program designed to detoxify the body and mind. Based on a special diet, yoga practice, breathing exercises, introduction to meditation and a proper peaceful place surrounded by nature. 

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Corporate “Chill-out weekend”

Special weekend event designed for employees from various departments of a large legal company. Its main core was mindfulness practice. It also included a broad range of other activities like campfire, kayaking trip, forest walk and SPA treatments. 

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Eco month: Company program engaging Employees 

One month event engaging employees. Designed to present alternative ways to become more eco friendly. Each week of the month was dedicated to various core themes like water saving, energy saving or zero waste trend. The employees were performing very well in promoting new habits and were enjoying offered activities. 

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