Dominika Kot

Yoga teacher
Stress reduction instructor
Wellness programs designer

I am a dedicated yoga teacher with over 7 years of teaching experience. I teach classical hatha yoga based on its original sources. A yoga practice that I am happy to share with you brings balance, joy, and mindfulness.

I am a sociologist and film producer by profession. I worked as an editor, project manager, film producer, and digital marketing manager. Currently I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience on how to introduce healthy habits into daily life and to take care of a daily wellbeing. The program is based on yogic practices.

Yoga appeared in my life over 12 years ago. It turned out to be the best way for a good balance: to keep myself in a good and healthy condition and also to take care of people around me. Thus I decided to dedicate part of my life to stay in India and studying profoundly ancient wisdom. Its precious philosophy became part of my lifestyle. I have been inspired not only by numerous trips to India but also by wonderful teachers that I met all around the world.

In my own practice and in teaching methodology, I am focused on working with the body and mind in a wise, gentle but also powerful way that leads to harmony and mindfulness. Meditation practice is also part of this wonderful practice and helps to keep balance in a daily routine.

My main objective is to share classical hatha yoga traditions. I also use other methods that I got a chance to practice, such as Iyengar yoga, functional yoga, vinyasa, contact improvisation, kalarippayattu, pilates, and breathing techniques introducing to pranayama.

Except of numerous yoga workshops, I completed the Pranic Healing Intensive Yoga Course at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center and the Certificate Course in Yoga at the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute. I hold a yoga teacher certificate (AYI) issued by Council for Yoga Accreditation International.

I’m happy to invite you to yoga practice. It will be my pleasure to support you with finding your own balance, on your own yoga path.